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Equipment Overview

Equipment Overview


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Poultry Housekeepers

Lewis Brothers Housekeeper


The longtime, trusted solution from Lewis Brothers for poultry house de-caking and cleanout. Review the different model specifications and their available options to determine the unit that best suits your needs.





Lewis Brothers Spreader


Regain the value of manure and other media that you want to distribute back to the land with our Lewis Spreader Body. Also, the Spreader Body is ideal for spreading new bedding material in the house when setting up for placement of new chicks.




Poultry Housecleaners

Lewis Brothers Housecleaner


Keep your poultry house and almost anything else clean with our High Pressure Washer system.




Litter Blades

Lewis Brothers Litter Blade


The fastest and most effective method for removing litter from the wall. The Litter Blade allows the operator to clean right up against the wall and can maneuver around posts or other structures.




Litter Blades



The Crustbuster Pays For Itself With Big Labor Savings & Increased Production! It's built for high performance and low maintenance. Our Crustbuster attaches to Standard Class II 3-Point Tractor Hitch with No Special Equipment required.





Lewis Brothers Windrower


The newest product in the Lewis Brothers lineup, the Windrower will not only windrow a house, it will also spread the litter back out when needed.




House Blower

Lewis Brothers House Blower


Ideal For All Poultry Houses: The Fast, Economical Way